Summer is slowly coming and it invites you to Karst, namely to Sežana and their former gunpowder storage – Pulverjera, to a special venue in the middle of the forest, where in August the hardest event in Slovenia will happen.

In one place, masters of hardest rhythms of electronic music will gather, who will on two stages take us from Techno to the most washing Hardtechno and from Hardstyle to hardest Hardcore. Factory of Sound chooses for this event artists from abroad and from Slovenia, who will in 18 hours show all they can give. To all harder styles lovers, you are most welcome to Sežana, on August 22nd, 2020 from 12:00 onwards, when first sounds will resound.

All the artists are now out, and on the Praln’ca – Launderette stage you will hear Sepromatiq, Bentech, Gumja, Dreo, Yan Sofierce, Marc D’Virus, Repic, Majkl M, Levis, and Techno battle between Domnq and D Mayk B. On Slovenia goes Hardcore stage you will hear Sativa, Klaut-G, Katarina Ohalloran aka Ketrin, Noizephaser, Paymon, Basher, Dark_PhoenX, Jawnan, Pir and two raw and hard battles between E-nergystyle and Sonic Warfare, and HKH and Defined Insanity.

First tickets are already available for a price of 19€, and to notify you, they are in a limited number, so get your ticket today. See the official ticket page Factory of Sound offers three options to get tickets, which are print @ home ticket, printed ticket via post, or payment online with digital ticket. For all info visit the official web page or write us on e-mail

The main partner of the event is Bardo Catering, they will take care of food and drinks. Another partner is Stubelj, and they will take care that all the sound and light devices will work through the entire night.

More about the event on official Alles Kapot – Im Natur page HERE.

So welcome to Sežana on August 22nd, 2020 that we together create the best event of this year, which was in most part affected by a coronavirus. The first sounds will come from the speakers exactly at noon.


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