SUTURA, a German producer, DJ and organizer, born in Heilbronn. His musical path started at the age of 10, when his passion towards electronic music just begun. At that time, it was just a passion, and as young boy, he did not know that his path will take him on the road, which lead to today. A career full of music, great track and memorable performances. And some time ago, he announced that he is retiring from stages and his DJ career. And, of course, we had to bring him back again to Slovenia, as his last performance in our country, which will happen on Saturday, 25.11.2023 in Festivalna dvorana Lent – Maribor at Mariborska praln’ca 10. And you are all welcome to escort him from the stage towards new path he is taking. We took this opportunity to ask him some questions about his life, career and his decision. You can read all about it here.

His last performance in Slovenia was last year, namely at Mariborska praln’ca 4 in Dvorana Gustaf on March 19th, 2022, accompanied by Charlotte Vogel, Gigi, Ted Raslow, Majkl M, Domnq vs. DMB, The Frog and Syndx. You can see the event HERE. Galley from the event can be seen HERE.

1. Let’s start at very fist beginning. Can you tell what was a trigger/thing/event that made you ask yourself, is this what I want to do, so to be a DJ and later producer?
First and foremost, it was music that always excited me, which looked different back then, but the passion to let go and dream with music was always there. My older siblings bought vinyl to listen to because there was a lot of Breakbeats-heavy music among them. Which I liked very much. But the fact that I’m a producer and DJ today is due to my circle of friends at the time, they dragged me to the techno parties and one thing led to another.


2. Was it hard to step on this path? Did you get the support at home, from friends and your surrounding?
Unfortunately, my departure wasn’t as easy as it is for today’s young producers and DJs. First and foremost, the equipment is now affordable and much easier to use. The other thing is that back then we had zero opportunities to present things outside of our area like we do today on social media. For me it was also the case that I came from a village area and not the big city, which was crucial at the time for a greater range, had disadvantages.


3. How did you feel when you for the first time stood behind decks, playing music?
I was very excited even though it was a small party with almost only my friends and acquaintances. I was full of adrenaline all over my body. It was definitely a great moment that I will never forget.


4. Along the way you also decided to start producing, how was your first steps, from idea to finished track?
To be honest, as already mentioned, the events weren’t easy because I was a young person who unfortunately didn’t have enough money to buy great equipment to do exactly what I would have wanted to do. But whenever I had money, I used the money to buy things step by step. And so I got closer to my goal.


5. Today you have many released tracks, where did you get ideas for them?
To be honest, I’ve produced so much that sometimes I don’t even notice when someone plays a track because I haven’t listened to it in ages (something like that always makes me smile). The ideas are mostly my everyday life, the life around me. Whether it’s news or a radio playing at the same time. Stories that I receive become things that I experience myself.


6. So, you performed on many events in your time. Now at the end, can you tell us, which of them was the one that stood out? That really took your mind, and will never forget?
Overall, all the parties were great memories for me. I took away so many impressions that I’m very happy about it today. But a festival in Germany Toxicator 2015 gave me a very special moment in my life. Stage diving.


7. You also organize events Hardtechno Legends, how did this story come to a start? Can we expect more of these events from next year?
Yes, I will continue to organize hard techno events in 2024. I’m having fun with it at the moment, as long as that lasts I’ll do it.


8. It is now known that you are finishing your DJ career at the end of the year, leaving behind many memories and good DJ performances. What was the thing that made you take this decision. To decide, this is the end, and I want to take another path.
Yes, I can emphasize what I said and wrote when I made the announcement. It’s more about the fact that I now want to have the time to do all the things you do in a normal life. Without the pressure that you have to always be up to date if you want to be successful. Whether it’s producing or DJing. Today we still have to market ourselves, support social media and maintain our attitudes. If you want to do it right, there won’t be much time for friends or family.


9. As we understand, you are just finishing your DJ career, but not your producer one. So that means, we can in the future expect more tracks to be released?
Yes, that’s right. I’m definitely not going to stop producing, it’s always been my bigger passion in my life. I can reveal so much that my 13th album as Sutura will be released at the beginning of 2024.


10. For the end, do you have any message for your fans in Slovenia, for your last performance in our country?
My message is dance like there is no tomorrow. I am grateful that I can rock a party with you again. And that you accompany me on my last dance.