In August we meet again under the stars, in already known valley, where the second gathering of Ravers will happen, old and young, who will be able to enjoy in the journey through history of Techno and Hadtechno/Schranz. All artists will spin their music from vinyl. Crackling of the needle will especially emphasize the nostalgic atmosphere, together we will enjoy in the best music of that time and brought back the memories of Raves from 10 or more years ago.

Known artist of that time, Peter B, will join us and Styria nostalgic Ted Raslow. For first cracling rhythms of Techno will taken care by Styria frog The Frog. Gigi will air his vinyls again, what he did on Maribor launderette 8. Domnq and Miha Plej will join them with Techno hits.

More then good reason to join us and that we dance together under the stars to the finest music from 10 or more years ago and we remember how it was at that time. Younger, who did not relive these times, will be able to get an opportunity to get to know how once was.

More about the event you can read on the link HERE. Tickets are also available in presale for a lower price HERE.