FoS resident DJ and producer Noizephaser has recorded a tribute mix dedicated to the biggest Hardcore festival, named Thunderdome, which was supposed to take place on December 11th, 2021 in Utrecht, but the festival was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. Noizephaser and other FoS members were planning to visit the festival, which would bring us the most interesting moments and stories. But sad news reached us that the festival is canceled and postponed to the next year, December 10th, 2022, when it will celebrate 30 years of existence.

In that regard, Noizephaser recorded a set that included a track from a producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Downshifterz, a remix of Ketrin (Katarina O’Halloran), and his single Higher Consistency, which was released on Swedish Hardcore label Seua Records.

The set includes tracks from new and old artists, who come from Croatia. – ”Hardcore will never die!