Maribor launderette is getting an additional format, as pre-pre-wash awaits us, which will happen in the park behind Dvorana Gustaf with a start at 5 pm when we will start waking of the dead from their eternal sleep and just little before 10 pm, we will accompany them on their path to uprising, which will happen in Dvorana Gustaf.

The Pre-pre-wash act will provide grilled food or grilled zombies and good Techno music, which will be just right for warming up our feet and our preparation for later washing program. For music will be taken care of by Syndx aka Syndromyc, Domnq and DJ Gamsa. Therefore, first, we eat, drink and dance, then we jump.

The event will be happening outside and in case of poor weather, mostly because of the rain, it will be canceled. Certainly, this will be the craziest pre-pre-wash of the launderette till now. So, you are welcome to join us on Saturday, 25. April 2020, from 5 pm in the park behind Dvorana Gustaf.

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