After a long break, a launderette returns to Maribor, to already known location at Pekarna, Dvorana Gustaf. She returns even better and more striking with two Slovakian guests, Sepromatiq and Dragon Hoang. They will be accompanied by known earthquakers of Slovenian dancefloors. Yan Sofierce, which we could hear at ECO events, will join us in Maribor for the first time. Resident Marc D'Virus, who will take care of real and authentic Hardtechno bombs. For real prewash will be taken care by Majkl M, who will not spare anything when throwing howitzers. With his solo performance, before that he already introduced himself in duet with Zesyara, will mine Domnq. Dvorana Gustaf will be turned into a real battlefield.

As we wish you to have a safe and carefree party, we organized bus transport from Portorož, through Koper, Ljubljana, Celje to Maribor, and back. We accept applications for transport to e-mail until 13. April 2020. The price of the transport from Koper and Portorož is 19€, from Ljubljana 13€, and from Celje 9€.

We work in direction of special surprise of the event and hope that we will manage to slightly change the format and provide you, visitors, slightly different experience.

Now you do not have any reason not to miss this party, otherwise, you will be sorry on Sunday. Everything is arranged for a carefree and unforgettable party along with the best Hardtechno/Schranz sounds. So, we see you on April 25th, 2020 from 10 pm in Dvorana Gustaf. And the washing can begin!

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