Unfortunately, the time has come, when we have to officially inform you what we all already silently knew that the event Maribor goes Hardcore @ Dvorana Gustaf, 21.3.2020 is being canceled because of the Coronavirus. But do not worry, we will shake Dvorana Gustaf again in June, more precisely on 13.6.2020, with guests from Hungary.

Without worries, Poley Tight will again come to Slovenia to shake our ground. We will try to do the same with the current line up, to repeat it to the same extent shortly. So, pay attention, novelties are coming. While we wait for the next event, which will be in April, namely on 25.4.2020 in Dvorana Gustaf with Sepromatiq and Maribor launderette, we wish you all to stay safe and healthy. We are sure that if we follow the instructions and stay at home that the virus will soon decay. In the future, many parties await us, which we have to attend. And we will see you all on our next Hardcore event in June.

And do not forget, FoS has got its mobile application, which you can download HERE, for now only for Android devices, soon also for Huawei phones. At the moment it works only on the poster and the first page of the leaflet for Maribor goes Hardcore event, but soon we will add new content, also for Maribor launderette and future events. Certainly, we will keep you informed about novelties.

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