| Final Act | Traditional pre-festival warm up |
@ Dvorana Gustaf, 13.6.2020 @ 22.00


  • P3TERROR | HU - CSCS CREW, Col:lab | uptempo
  • MSORKEN [aka. Nekros] | HU - CSCS CREW, Col:lab, Zarathusrian, Darth Frog Collective
  • GORYO_CORE | HU - CSCS CREW, Col:lab | frenchcore, crossbread
  • DJ NINTH | HU - CSCS CREW, FLTH, Col:lab | hardcore
  • PAYMON | Factory of Sound, Maribor goes Hardcore, Go Hard or Go Home
  • SPRANEX | Factory of Sound, I am Hardcore


Pre-party in park behind Dvorana Gustaf @ 17.00

  • DARK_PHOENX | Raw & Euphoric
  • YU HART | Hardstyle session
  • PEKYX | Raw & Extraraw style

* event will happen only in good weather
* for this part of the event we accept voluntary contributions during the event or at the door of the main event
* portions of grilled chevapcici will be available / and a vegan food
* first we eat and dance, then we just dance


-- Portorož - Koper - Ljubljana - Celje - Maribor – in nazaj --

Cena avtobusa:

  • * from Portorož and Koper: 19€
  • * from Ljubljana: 13€
  • * from Celja: 9€

We accept registrations until 3.6.2020 on e-mail:

** the bus will be organized in case of enough applications

*** party safe and carefree, do not drink and then drive, use organized transport


Info & accreditation:

Age limit:
Entry fee:

With your contribution, you collaborate in covering the costs of organizing an event, without which realization is not possible. The costs incurred by organizing such an event are covered exclusively by the contributions (or with own money). The whole organization includes the following: rental of equipment, fees for performing artists, travel expenses, stay of artists (accommodation, food), rental for club, lighting and the person who ensures that it works properly, promotional material, security, club staff. At the same time, you contribute to the development of a scene that in Slovenia is not big, but it is courageously, and thus enables further work and organization of such events.