Since 2020 with a new stage name, HyperState. What was before is history, what will come is a mystery, and history was big already. Hardcore and hard beats lover since he was 12 years old, never got out of a passion for that music, and 2 decades past since then.

Lover of all music genres, but what keeps his heart BPM up is Hardcore. Beats, bass, and most important melodies are what keep this hard-mixing madafaka alive, happy, and prepared to conquer everything life gives him on its way. Bought first gear at the age of 19, and since then built all kinds of mix and studio setups.

Passionate for technology started to mix computers with all kinds of audio technology, always keeping his studio unique. Not a full producer, but a passionate remixer of everything singable, that has to have that core beat to keep things alive. Made a handful of Hardtechno remixes, mashups, and bootlegs, since 2020 making harder beats and faster tempo remixes, to keep the crowd confused but expecting in hyper mode dancing.

Played at pretty much a lot of local Hardcore parties in Ljubljana, helping other teams with the organization of parties. Expect, old-school, happy, not dark, fresh HyperCore beats.


Booking contact: factory.of.sounds@gmail.com