Hello, my name is Žak and I come from Bovec. In my spare time, I work with photography and visit Rave parties. I got to know electronic music when I was very young, as my mom is a Rave enthusiast. In the beginning, electronic music did not attract me, but over time I started to love it. I started listening to Techno, Psy-Trance and then I discovered Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore, Frenchcore and immediately found myself in this music.

With my friend Luka, we started the project Rave Society, which came to be one night in the year 2019 in a student dormitory, when I had an idea to make a Rave page. So I invited Luka to the project, who is also credited for the name. The purpose of the page is to promote the Slovenian electronic scene, publishing of funny pictures connected to the Rave scene, promotion of Rave events in Slovenia and abroad. We promote all styles, from Techno to Hardtechno, from Hardstyle to Hardcore, occasionally other styles. We have a lot of plans, which are slowly coming true. Rave Society T-shirts and hoodies are available on FoS Shop, we plan to make more merchandise.

I joined FoS TV, as I want to make something new for the Slovenian Rave scene, as I want to contribute to that step further, and to make more promotion for the electronic scene at home and abroad. By joining the project I want to show my support to DJs and organizers, and thank them for their work, as without them, there would not be any parties.


My name is Nina and I come from Logatec. In my spare time, I like to do various things, like read or listen to music, mostly Techno or all electronic music in general. I like to visit Rave parties. I listen to electronic music since I was 16 years, my first official Rave party was at the age of 19 in Maribor’s Pekarna, where there was Hardtechno/Schranz party, and at that time I fell in love with this music.

Next to (Hard)Techno I also like to listen to House, Progressive, Acid, and lately, I am more and more thrilled by Hardcore. I am a very wicked person, nice and I love to help at parties. I am also an active promotor in two groups, named Even party reviews and Clubio, where I inform people about parties. In addition to this, I have a huge wish to once become a DJ, as I am passionate about that, as music means everything to me.

Some time ago I started to work for FoS TV, my biggest wish is also to work in this direction, as I like to work with people, and finally, my wish came true. I joined FoS TV because I think this is something great and is a good project to inform young and old Ravers about the Rave scene and electronic music in general. I am very happy to become a member of FoS TV and that I will participate with two great persons – Žiga and Žak. In the end, my motto is Techno all the time. Everyone, enjoy as much as you can and hope we see us at a party. Rave on.