Factory of Sound has started with a brand new online show about electronic music in Slovenia, which was first screened on March 10th, 2021. In the show, we will talk about Slovenian harder electronic scene, as well as foreign. Mostly about Hardcore and Hardtechno, but we will also talk about other styles.

In the Corona year, 2020, new friendships were born and the idea about a new format came to life to create something new for the Slovenian electronic scene. And we could say that one hill was crucial for this idea to become reality. See the image gallery and after the movie of this hill event. The time when we traveled from Techno, through Hardtechno to Hardcore.

In the future shows we will try to talk about events, in Slovenia and abroad, provide reports from events if Corona will allow us, make interviews with artists, winning award games, talk about Factory of Sound, future plans, and more.

In the first show, March 10th, we reviewed some of the events that happened in the year 2020, presented Factory of Sound and Rave Society, gave away two T-shirts, see some after movies from events, got to know TV presenters Žak Klavora Wolf and Luka Špik and the show itself. But more is coming in the future, so be with us.

See the full show in the video below or on our Youtube channel. Spoken language is Slovenian, show includes English subtitles.