WE MEET WITH STYLE is a brand new edition of events to promote Hardstyle music and its sub-genres and was established in the year 2019. Hardstyle consists of overdriven and hard-sounding kick drums, accompanied by an offbeat bass or reverse bass. Its subgenres are Euphoric Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Euphoric Frenchcore, Trapstlye, and Dub style.

We intend to bring to Slovenia various artists from abroad, and also to host Slovenian Hardstyle fighters, and we wish to offer our visitors something extra. With such events we want to raise the recognition of this music among the audience, thus succeeding in attracting visitors of different ages to the events. The first event from this edition was planned to happen on October 24th, 2021, but was unfortunately canceled due to the corona crisis.

But we will continue to work with passion and strive to make the best possible events, so when you leave our party it will be in your memory.


Organized events up until now:

  • We meet with style | JNXD @ Dvorana Gustaf, Maribor - 5.11.2022
  • We meet with style @ Ljubljana - 19.11.2021 (Corona cancelation)
  • We meet with style @ Študentski kampus - 24.10.2020 (Corona cancelation)