This is who we are

Factory of Sound is organization, which was established in the year 2016 (more specifically, July 17th) with the purpose of promoting the harder styles of electronic music and to spread the sounds, which we love – Hardcore, Hardstyle, Hardtechno, and Drum'n'Bass.

With the project, Slovenia goes Hardcore, and events Maribor goes Hardcore and Ljubljana goes Hardcore, we spread our passion to Hardcore music. With the organization of the events, we want to expand the recognition of the music among the audience, thus succeeding in attracting visitors of different ages to the events. For every event, we do our best to conjure a unique experience with an always different selection of performing artists and different programs. One of the additions is, of course, a combination of musical instruments with Hardcore music into a Fusion performance, which promises much more that it has shown by now.

Later we started with the project Mariborska praln'ca, which is intended to spread the best and hardest Hardtechno sounds among visitors, the same as in Hardcore events, also here we want to conjure good atmosphere and to always invite different artists to perform at the events.

Under the wing, we took some Techno events, mostly after parties of Mariborska praln'ca, intended for the most enduring partygoers.

In the future, we will continue to maintain our passion and strive for the best possible organization of upcoming events. We have many plans for the future, which we want to realize as best as possible. Music is our passion!

Until today organized events:

  • Maribor goes Hardcore - Here comes the Madness @ Dvorana Gustaf, 21.3.2020
  • Maribor goes Hardcore - Back to the Future @ Dvorana Gustaf, 21.9.2019
  • Maribor goes Hardcore - The Battle @ Dvorana Gustav, 23.2.2019
  • Ljubljana goes Hardcore - The Next Salvation @ Orto bar, 21.9.2018
  • Maribor goes Hardcore - The occupation of Styria @ Dvorana Gustaf, 23.6.2018
  • Ljubljana goes Hardcore - Re-occupation of Emona @ Orto bar, 27.4.2018
  • Maribor goes Hardcore - The saga continues @ Gustaf, 24.2.2018
  • Ljubljana goes Hardcore @ Orto bar, 8.12.2017
  • Maribor goes Hardcore - again @ Gustaf, 23.9.2017
  • Trnfest goes Hardcore @ KUD France Prešeren, 2.8.2017
  • Alles Kapot - Hardcore story continues @ Moment bar, 22.7.2017
  • Maribor goes Hardcore @ Gustaf, 18.3.2017
  • Alles Kapot - Housemuziek maakt jungeren kapot @ ZOO, 27.8.2016
  • Mariborska praln'ca 4 - The Rise of the Dead @ Dvorana Gustaf, 25.4.2020
  • Official (Mariborska praln'ca) after hour @ KURD, 21.4.2019
  • Mariborska praln'ca - The Wash of Undead @ Dvorana Gustaf, 20.4.2019
  • Official (Mariborska praln'ca) afterparty @ KUD Kurd, 28.10.2018
  • Mariborska praln'ca - The Second Wash @ Dvorana Gustar, 27.10.2018
  • Mariborska praln'ca - Pupi's B-day bash @ Gustaf, 26.5.2018
  • The Experiment: Techno - Phase 2 @ Moment bar, 20.10.2017
  • The Experiment: Techno @ Moment bar, 16.9.2017
  • Techno after party @ Moment bar, 23.7.2017
  • Sounds of Destruction @ Club Seven, 21.4.2017 | Hardtechno and Hardcore event

We managed to bring the following artists to past events:

  • Sativa, Psychfucker, Poley Tight, Leviathan, Brainstorm, Artheist, Katarina O'Halloran, Mr. Madness, Noizephaser, DJ Nikola, Badtekk team – Rascal, Van Delin, Kliky, Nikisha, Specture, Symphony, Jagger, DjV, Zykotech, Pikore, Thrillix, Stingmachine
  • Tekkerkane, Sepromatiq, Dreo, Nobody, Whithecker, Matthew, Xavier, Tias, Sheaks, Sano, Dragon Hoang