When only 12 years old, he first came in contact with electronic music, and ever since he is dedicated to a harder style of Rave scene. When he visited parties, he always watched DJs do their work, playing the tunes from vinyl he liked. And at that time he decided to try by himself. So he took a DJ class and learned the art of spinning music from vinyl. He then took the time to better himself, before his first performance came in club Heaven. After that, some new gigs came, as he was already making his name in this scene. But after two years in Hardtechno, he switched to harder and faster music of Hardcore, which he still plays today under the name Paymon. But recently he rediscovered Hardtechno, undusted his vinyl, and started to play Hardtechno again. His performances at Gozdna praln'ca made an impression on the visitors, and from here, he only plans to go further, to bring back the old Hardtechno sounds to the dance floor.


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Mariborska praln’ca 6 – Mario Ranieri B-day bash (17.9.2022)

Mariborska praln’ca 4 – The Rise of the Undead (19.3.2022)