When he was young, he listened to all kinds of music, ranging from Metal and Punk to Electronic music, ... After years of listening to music that was nothing special to him, a friend of his showed him some Hardcore beats. He liked it and quickly became a huge fan of hard music. Through Hardcore, he discovered different styles of music, and his absolute favorite was and still is Uptempo.

After several Hardcore parties, he quickly realized that he wanted to make music for himself and people who enjoy it. He did a lot of research on how to make good beats and melodies and just started creating. In the process, he also got some good equipment to help him even more.

He organized some Hardcore parties, with mostly all hard styles of music (Hardstyle, Hardcore, Raw, Frenchcore, Uptempo, ...).

In the year 2020, he started working with Paymon and played on his events.

And now he can finally complete his wish and spread some music all around the world.


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